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Experience the power of pure green juice

Delicious and healthy green juices

Drinking Uzuma is a special experience. An experience that contributes to your health. At its core, Uzuma is all about healthy vegetables and fruit, and lots of them. We add nothing extra to our green juices, meaning there are no preservatives, fragrances, colourings or flavourings. Nothing. What you experience from Uzuma green juice is the 100% pure power of nature. Our green juice allows us to bring you closer to a healthier lifestyle in a simple and convenient way. We do not use destructive traditional spinning extraction to produce Uzuma. All our vegetables and fruit are slow juiced using the latest innovative methods, allowing you to benefit from maximum vitamin and mineral retention.

The Uzuma Green Juice Programmes

All Uzuma green juices are sold separately, but now you can also enjoy all of your favourite Uzuma juices as part of one easy package. We are currently offering four very distinct and unique Uzuma green juice programmes; these are for losing weight, balancing your weighta fit and healthy lifestyle and a detox programme. Each of the Uzuma green juice programmes are tailored specifically to meet the various needs and goals of modern living, ensuring that no matter what you want out of life, you can always rely on Uzuma to get your daily dose of nutrients.

You can read more details on how green juice can improve life over on our blog, where we explore health, happiness, wellbeing and juice in more detail. 

Delivered fresh to your door, for free!

For you to really benefit from Uzuma green juice, it has to be fresh. To make sure that your juice always arrives to you as fresh as the day we pressed it, we have employed some of the latest and greatest shipping techniques available - ensuring your green juice stays cool, safe and packed full of nutrients during transit. And to top it all off, we ship all our packages absolutely free!

Calculate your BMI and find out which Uzuma green juice programme suits you best:

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